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Make Your Impression with Quality Headshots

With the increased use of online marketing, social networking and e-mail follow up, it really makes sense to present yourself professionally on the Web. This includes a strong website and logo paired with a quality, polished headshot. All three components represent your business’ image.

Your headshot should tie into your brand, your image and your mission.

People buy from those they know, like and trust. You want to look friendly, professional and trustworthy. Headshots personalize your business and can take you a step ahead of your competition.

Real estate agents are not the only professionals these days that are using their headshot on their business card, website, social networking sites and in their e-mail signatures.


Headshots are starting to appear all over the Internet and in print media from those in the financial world, lawyers, engineers, consultants, sales reps and job seekers! What a great idea! Let the receiver of your e-mail see who they’re dealing with before meeting you in person. You’ll feel like you already know each other.

We’ve all seen poorly lit, out of focus, full-body headshots on business cards and throughout social networking sites, including LinkedIn, the most popular professional networking site out there! Why? Because people underestimate the value of a quality headshot. Publishing a bad headshot is equivalent to going live with a half-finished website pointing to dead or broken links. These types of websites are regarded as unprofessional.

This is often the first impression you make with a potential client. Why not look top notch? headshot examples Donna

I photographed Donna Detter, membership consultant for the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce. She says, “I started using a professional headshot when I came to the Chamber, especially in my e-mail signature. It has helped brand me. Now when I am meeting a new client for the first time in a public place, they can easily find me. I think it’s important to keep your photo current. Don’t date yourself with an old picture.”

Your headshot should be taken by a professional photographer. Lighting, angle and background are all imperative. It’s important to hire a photographer who specializes in headshots, has a good reputation and has samples to show you. Photographers charge anywhere from $100-$600.

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