Snaptember 2020 with BIPOC

Snaptember 2020 BIPOC

Snaptember 2020 with BIPOC

I’m bringing back Snaptember in 2020! This is the big announcement I mentioned in last week’s blog. This time with Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC). Snaptember is a personal project I embarked upon last year where I photographed headshots of someone new each day, at no cost, for the month of September, in an effort to give back to my community.

These are free, 30-minute headshot sessions. In exchange for posing for me, each person will receive at least one headshot to use with their resume, job application, on LinkedIn, their website and email signature.

The theme this year: BIPOC, especially someone unemployed who could really use this to find a job. BIPOC have been hard hit by the coronavirus pandemic, both from high rates of unemployment to increased risk of infection. Not to mention the historical and current effects of extermination, systemic racism, repression, erasure and police brutality in this country. This is my very small, personal, but intentional attempt at reparations.

If you’re not Black, Indigenous or a Person of Color, please share this with someone who is. There are 30 spots, one for each day in September, and I’d like to fill each of these before the month begins.

Snaptember 2019

In 2019, I decided to do this project during the last week of August. It was a haphazard effort: no theme, no big announcements, hardly anyone on the books before the month began. I was having to walk down the street to the Posner Center or to other Denver neighbors to see if I could get them in my studio. Some needed updated headshots, some were just helping me out. This year I’m working to put new headshots into the hands of those who need them.

Safe & Fun

As the current coronavirus and COVID-19 events evolve, I’m taking these and our health very seriously, working to protect my clients and myself using current CDC recommendations. Each person will need to read my Coronavirus Safe Session Policies and sign a model release before getting on the calendar.

I make this experience fun, by the way. It’s true. You can read some of my five star Google reviews here. Headshots don’t have to be a chore. Most people tell me they don’t like being photographed and leave saying they actually enjoyed our session. Be prepared to get silly, or at least laugh. I look forward to working together.



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