Studio Headshot & Portrait Pricing

5/11/2020 UPDATE:  GreenEarth Photography will resume photographing your business headshots, actor headshots and portraits starting May 12, 2020. For the time being these sessions will take place at a non-studio location. This could be outside near the studio. It could be your office or some other place where I can set up my portable studio. It might be easier to call or email me to book your session these next three weeks. When you book online, I’ll need to manually approve the session for now to coordinate. Either way I’ll call or email the person I’m photographing, so be sure I have their contact information. Please be sure to read my new Coronavirus Safe-Session Policies. **The 48-hour cancellation policy will be waived if you’re feeling sick at any point before our session.**

Professional studio headshot & portrait pricing packages are for ONE person. Additional people can be added immediately following a session at a reduced price. You’ll have the option to add additional people when you get to the Add On section of the Booking Page. Using the Book Now button lets you: choose the studio headshot or portrait pricing packages, choose any Add Ons and select a date and time that works with your schedule. Once you’ve made these selections, you’ll have a chance to read and sign the contract and pay your 50% retainer. Simple as that! Online scheduling conveniently allows you to book your session without having to wait until I’m available to compare our calendars.



Professional (Non-Studio) Headshots


2+ hours includes:

90 ish minute photo session

30 ish minute on-site review

1 look (outfit)

1 web-sized image

1 high-resolution images


Option to purchase additional images

3 day delivery

Social Media (Non-Studio) Portraits


1 hour 15 min includes:

Up to 1 hour photo session

15 minute on-site review

2 looks

2 high-resolution images

2 LinkedIn images

2 Website images

1 Facebook Banner


1 outfit change

3 day delivery

Personal Branding (Non-Studio) Portraits


3 hours includes:

Separate 30-minute Preconsultation

Hair & makeup – 1 hour session

2 hour photo session

Separate Reveal Session

5 high-resolution digital images

5 Website images

4 LinkedIn Images

1 Facebook Banner

Professional retouching

3-4 outfits

Option to go outdoors

Option of putting $500 of this session fee toward a printed package

Addendum (Non-Studio) Headshots*


*For current clients

1 hour includes:

Up to 45 minute photo session

15 minute on-site review

1 look

1 high-resolution image

1 website image


Option to purchase additional images

3 day delivery


*Addendum Headshots are only for new employees of current clients, who have already signed a contract and will be paying for the employee’s session. Please include your company name. You will be asked to sign a model release. You will not receive an invoice. >>>Employees, you must understand that your employer has agreed to my 48-hour cancellation policy. If you do not cancel prior to this 48 hours, your employer will be charged the entire session fee.<<<


  • Usage fees will be determined and applied when the images will be replicated and have considerable reach, i.e. billboards, annual reports, trade publications, print advertising and book covers. Please contact me to discuss.

Add Ons

  • $30 long, luxurious eyelashes added in post production
  • $55 archive retrieval fee
  • $55 each additional high-resolution digital image, includes retouching
  • $95/hour expert retouching
  • $140 for a master hair and makeup artist who travels to us
  • $150 each additional hour over package time
  • $150 for a gallery (or second gallery) of images
  • $150 adding another session to an existing session, for example a session of you with your significant other, child or pet
  • $200 each additional person added immediately following your Professional Headshot session. That’s a $25 savings for both you and your co-worker. Bring a friend!
  • $325 for a group photo in studio (up to four people)
  • $595 for a group photo outdoors near studio or downtown when there are 0 headshots
  • $650 for first 2 hours of an event, $150 each additional hour

Updated 1/16/2020 – Subject to change at any time


Studio Headshot & Portrait Pricing

I specialize in professional headshots and portraits taken either at your office, in my studio, outdoors near my studio in the Curtis Park/RiNo Neighborhoods or we can choose another location. >>>My studio is closed until June 2, 2020. All sessions will be held at a non-studio location.<<<
Session Time. My Professional Headshot Session for one person is 1 hour including choosing your favorite images. The portrait sessions are either 1 hour 15 minutes including on-site review, or 3 hours depending on the package you choose. A Personal Branding Session lasts 3 hours for women, including hair and makeup, 2 hours for men. Gender neutral can choose either.
Payment. A non-refundable 50 percent retainer is due as soon as you book your session to reserve the date and time. This will be used toward your session fee. The balance is due the date of the session. If you cancel with less than 48-hours notice, you forfeit the retainer. If you cancel with more notice, I’ll transfer the retainer to your rescheduled session fee.
Group Photo. If you’d like Group Photos of 2-4 of your team in the studio, in addition to your headshots, you may choose that as an Add On after booking your studio session. If you’d like a Group Photo at your office, outdoors or other location, you may book that on my Location Headshots & Portraits Booking Page and scrolling down.
During the session. The best images happen when everyone is relaxed and enjoying themselves. So, we’ll take a few minutes before the session to get help you relax, play your favorite music, take a few test shots and help you get into the flow. Most people say they hate having their pictures taken, kind of like going to the dentist. The difference is afterwards, most clients say they enjoyed our session, and that it was actually much more fun than they were expecting. Not what the dentist usually hears! Click here to see Google reviews.
Makeup & Hair Styling. This is an option for an additional fee for the Professional Headshot Session and Social Media Portrait Session, when you’d like a polished look. It is included for women in both the Personal Branding and other Portrait Sessions. You may also substitute makeup and hair for the Facebook banner in the Social Media Portrait Session. My master hair and makeup artist meets you at the studio or location of the photo session. Women will have their hair styled in a way they normally wear it and makeup will be applied to highlight your best features. Relax, 99 percent of the time this is a very natural look, not overdone at all. It’s best to come with your hair clean and down, your face washed and your skin moisturized. If you’ve found makeup that looks great on you and works best for your skin type, bring that to the session. The same goes for hair products.
What to wear. The most important thing here is to make sure your clothing fits you well, especially around the shoulders and neckline. Be sure to try it on your outfits a few days before the session to give you time to have it tailored or find something else. Men: If you do business in a suit or want to look top notch, I suggest you wear a suit and a tie and use the winsor knot as this looks better than the half. Choose a power tie in red, orange or yellow to bring out the colors of your shirt. You get to show some personality here. If you normally dress casually, go for business casual with a collared shirt. Women: If you do business in a suit or want to dress to the nines, I suggest you wear a suit and add some color with a shell underneath, a scarf and/or jewelry. If you normally dress casually, try a light-weight sweater, or a nice shirt with a neckline that flatters your face structure and colors that do well with your skin tone. Gender Neutral: Read through the above and decide what makes the most sense for you. Women/Men/Gender Neutral:  However you typically dress, you may want to consider bumping it up a notch to convey a professional image for that first impression. All that will be seen is from the chest up, so I suggest making sure that from the waist up your clothing is pressed and lint free, the fabric color complements your skin tone, your hair is at its best and women, your makeup is impeccable. Please do not wear solid white unless covered by a jacket. It detracts from your skin tone and we’re trying to bring all the attention to your friendly face.
After the session. With the Professional Headshot and the Social Media Portraits, we’ll review and choose your favorite image(s) as soon as we’re done photographing. For the Portrait and Personal Branding Portrait, we’ll schedule a Reveal Session two weeks after our Photo Session, see Reveal Session below.
Reveal Session. This is scheduled 2 weeks after our Photo Session. This is when you’ll see your best images for the first time. We’ll view your photographs together on my TV screen, if you selected the digital package, or matted and printed on my Reveal Wall, if you would like one of my Folio Box Packages. I’ll help you choose your favorite image(s) and you’ll pay for these at this session. The best thing about the printed reveal is you get to walk away with your folio box images the same day!! If you order duplicates or wall prints, those will take a few weeks to arrive. You’ll receive the digital file in the size of your print, of each print ordered, after your prints are delivered. If you chose the Personal Branding Digital Package, your images will be sent to you digitally.
Retouching. Basic retouching is included in all my packages and covers removal of blemishes, scars, minor wrinkles, darkness under the eyes, as well as whitening teeth and brightening eyes. If you’d like additional retouching added to your package to take off 10 or more years for example, shed 20-40 pounds, remove most all hint of age from your neck, or anything not included above, I charge $95/hour, with an hour minimum. I can also add long, luxurious eyelashes in post production for $30/image.
Delivery time. Digital images are delivered via email typically within 3 days, 4-6 days for larger groups, sooner if needed.
Please see the FAQs page for more information or contact me directly.



  1. Hi Katie–
    I just saw Howard Paul’s fabulous new professional headshot and immediately asked him who did it for him. It captures Howard perfectly! I’ve known Howard for many years through our association with Alpine Rescue Team. I am a couples therapist in Fort Collins and my last headshot was taken about 6 years ago, so I am looking to update within the next year.

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