High School Senior Pricing

High School Senior Pricing

I really enjoy photographing high school seniors – capturing your personality, getting edgy, experimenting with light and locations, getting you to look your very best, and celebrating who YOU are! Each package includes your yearbook ready image file tailored to the exact specs from your school and sent directly to your yearbook coordinator. All print images ordered will be retouched. My print and product prices start at $215 and go up from there. People normally spend around $1800, and the nice thing is you’ll only purchase what you want. There are no minimums.

Yearbook Mini $195

Up to 45 minutes

1 location

$50 print credit

Print & product order options

Yearbook ready image file


Modern $250

Up to 2 hours

2 nearby locations

$70 print credit

Print & product order options

Yearbook ready image file

Epic $525

Up to 4 hours

2-3 locations

Optional hair & makeup

$90 print credit

Print & product order options

Yearbook ready image file



Folio Box Packages ~ Includes matted 7×10 prints in a beautiful reveal box and the corresponding high-resolution files

$1100   ~   6 matted prints

$1800  ~  10 matted prints

$3000  ~  20 matted prints, a video of your chosen images and your own phone app with these same images that you can share with friends and family


25 Printed & Matted Images in a Folio Box + Video of your chosen images + Phone App + One Matted 16×24 wall print + Complimentary Second Session – $3900

Wall Prints

$215  ~  Matted 7×10

$360  ~  11×16

$540  ~  16×24

$810  ~  24×36

$1025  ~  30×40

{Framing options available}


$1025  ~  up to 10 matted 5x7s (in an 8×10 mat) in a beautiful reveal box with a transparent lid

$1400  ~  Triptych of (3) 16×24 prints on 3/4″ Standout mount

Every package includes a yearbook ready digital file with your school’s specifications, sent directly to your yearbook coordinator along with the option to order prints and products for yourself, family and friends.

high school senior pricing

Planning a Session

Once we know we’re going to work together, I’ll talk to the senior and parent to hear about you, the senior, find out what your interests are and we’ll carve out just the right session and location(s) that works for you. Do you play an instrument? sports? Are you into theatre? languages? dance? biology? bugs? I want to know what YOU are about so we can capture some uniquely YOU images to help you remember and celebrate this time in your life. We’re going to go to some great locations, find poses, expressions and outfits to capture your personality and spirit.
We’ll choose a date and time for the session and I’ll send you our agreement to read and sign and an invoice for the $100 retainer reserve our session time. We’ll also set up a date in two weeks for the reveal and ordering session. We’ll get together to look at all the best images, and this will be your opportunity to order prints and products.

Tips to Prepare {clothing, makeup, hair}

  • A few days before the shoot, be sure to clean, iron, remove lint and try on all your clothing
    • Organize each outfit and plan the appropriate shoes, jewelry, accessories and undergarments for each. We’ll do some full length poses and some close-ups and need to be ready for both.
    • Give yourself time to shop for any missing elements
    • Polish any jewelry you’ll be wearing
  • Unless you normally love how your hair looks the day after it’s cut, plan haircuts 1-2 weeks in advance.
  • Clean up your eyebrows
  • Subtle makeup is best to bring out your features, especially if you don’t normally wear much makeup. Bring the basics with you to reapply.
  • Your hands may appear in photos, so make sure nails are trimmed (natural or polished is fine), and skin is moisturized
  • Arrive with your hair down. If you’d like some with it up, we’ll do those next.
  • Drink plenty of water the day before and get a good night’s sleep
  • Be sure to leave with plenty of time to arrive on time. Early is best. There may be someone scheduled after you, so extending our time together may not be an option.
  • Have your cell phone on and ready in case I need to contact you for some reason.
  • It’s not vital that you bring a parent, but it’s great if you do. We can get some pictures of you and your parent, too. SO, PARENT:  Come photo ready in an outfit you love and want to be photographed in with your senior.


  • It is not mandatory that one of you are there for the session, but strongly encouraged.
  • Come photo ready in an outfit you love and want to be photographed in with your senior.
  • The session can go smoother with a parent helping me with their senior’s clothing, look and I’ll even let you hold my reflector!

Clothing Choices

  • Plan on 4-6 outfits, it’s better to have more than less. We may not get to them all, but we’ll do the important ones first. Some ideas:
    • Some casual pieces like jeans, shorts, a t-shirt and sweater. An easy outfit change is adding a sweater and scarf over a t-shirt and jeans.
    • Your very favorite piece in your closet that you love, feel confident in and only bring out for momentous occasions
    • Something in your favorite color and neckline
    • Something absolutely outrageous, but so YOU. There are no limits.
    • Something ethereal and flowing
    • The uniform for your school sport/activity along with your baseball bat and glove, your pompoms, tuba, guitar, microscope, theater costume – whatever says YOU. Don’t be bashful. We can shoot it and if it doesn’t feel right, we won’t choose it. Simple.
  • Avoid high-contrast, bold patterns that will take away from you and bring all the attention to your clothing – unless you’re all about it.
  • Look online and/or on Pinterest to get some ideas. If there’s somethings you really like and some you don’t, make sure to send me those links so I get a better feeling of your style
  • Make sure you’ve got at least one outfit that will please your parent

During the Session

When you arrive, we’ll sift through your clothing to determine which outfits are most important to you to include and we’ll start with those. I’ll get you to relax, smile and be yourself and we’ll start photographing. I’ll give you poses to try and I’ll be showing you some images on the back of my camera throughout the shoot, so you can see how BEAUTIFUL you are and start to really enjoy the session.

After the Session

We say goodbye, I download the session and edit through the photos choosing the best ones. I’ll post a sneak peak on my blog and Facebook, so make sure to like my GreenEarth Photography Facebook page and sign up for my blog so you can share your photos with your friends. Then we’ll get together for your reveal and ordering session two weeks from the shoot.

Reveal & Ordering Session

This is where you get to see all the fun and amazing photos of YOU. Bring your parents and any other family members that may wish to see the images and order something for themselves. We’ll look through the images together, usually between 20-30, and you’ll choose your favorites. Then you’ll decide if you’d like to order a folio box or wall prints. This can take up to two hours. No rush and no hard selling from me. You’ll only choose what you want for you, your home, your walls and your family. You’ll pay for your prints before you leave. Then I’ll place the order and keep you informed of the ship date.

Receiving Prints & Products

Once your prints and products have shipped, I’ll send you an email with the ship date so you can watch for them. It can take 2-3 weeks from our Reveal session to receive your prints. If your yearbook deadline is approaching, that image will be the priority and will be sent first. If you have a yearbook or other deadline, make sure to give yourself plenty of time.

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