Denver headshots

Photographing Headshots Outdoors

Meet Mariana

Check out Mariana’s polished, professional look! At the new studio we have the option to photograph your headshots outdoors without straying far. If you’ve been reading my recent newsletters, blog posts and/or website, you know that in May, I moved my studio to the Curtis Park neighborhood. This neighborhood is full of color and texture making it fun to find interesting and varied backdrops. I’ve been wanting to do more headshots outdoors in this neighborhood forEVER and now that my studio is here, it’s happening. S0 excited!!


Headshots Outdoors Denver

Mariana and I stepped right outside the studio for some of these headshots, and as far as two blocks away. What’s so great about that? It gives us different possibilities for color, depth and interest, consequently   

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Beauty Shots Event

Beauty Shots Event Shows Before and Afters

I photographed the attendees last night at D’Vine Wine [now called Wild Women Winery] during our Beauty Shots event.

People came together to network, socialize, sample wines and receive a makeover, hair style, finishing touches and beauty shots. I brought my portable studio and photographed before and after headshots to show what a difference attention to hair and makeup, the right lighting, angle, expression and background can make. The before images were shot with flash on camera, sometimes right against a distracting background. I photographed the after shots in my portable studio at the event using a solid background, a studio strobe with an umbrella as the main light and a second light on the background.

Those that I photographed walked away with a quality headshot to use on their website, email signature and social media sites.

beauty shots

Deanna gets a new look and a new headshot that can be used on her social networking sites.

beauty shots

Christina gets a new look and headshot to use on her business card and e-mail signature.

beauty shots

Liz gets before & after Beauty Shots and a professional headshot she can use on her website.

quality headshots

Alisha stunned me with her modeling skills. Now she has a professional, quality headshot to show off to all those model-hungry agencies!