Free Updated Headshots for Unemployed Community

On July 22, 2020, I participated in 10,000 Headshots, the biggest event of its kind, to provide free, updated headshots to help our unemployed friends and community members get back to work. I was one of six photographers in Colorado. Over 200 photographers across the US participated with the goal of photographing 10,000 people on…… Continue reading Free Updated Headshots for Unemployed Community

Behind-the-Scenes Photography at Xero

Behind the Scenes at Xero Along with headshots at this recent session, I also did some behind-the-scenes photography at Xero. There are many new and super interesting businesses around Denver, Colorado. As such, I’m intrigued when I have a chance to see what people are creating, solving, selling, and designing in their industry. As a photojournalist, I feel the need to document!…… Continue reading Behind-the-Scenes Photography at Xero

Professional Studio Headshots at the New Space

Professional Studio Headshots Have you recently realized you need an updated headshot for your new website, LinkedIn, an article featuring you, an upcoming speaking engagement or any number of reasons? Do you dread having photos taken of you? You’re not alone! I hear this every day. There is a stunning photo for everyone, no matter your…… Continue reading Professional Studio Headshots at the New Space