Photographing Headshots Outdoors

Meet Mariana

Check out Mariana’s polished, professional look! At the new studio we have the option to photograph your headshots outdoors without straying far. If you’ve been reading my recent newsletters, blog posts and/or website, you know that in May, I moved my studio to the Curtis Park neighborhood. This neighborhood is full of color and texture making it fun to find interesting and varied backdrops. I’ve been wanting to do more headshots outdoors in this neighborhood forEVER and now that my studio is here, it’s happening. S0 excited!!


Headshots Outdoors Denver

Mariana and I stepped right outside the studio for some of these headshots, and as far as two blocks away. What’s so great about that? It gives us different possibilities for color, depth and interest, consequently   we’ll get the right look and feel for your needs.

Let me also say here that I really do enjoy shooting in the studio as well, where I can control the light. In addition, there’s no wind to muss your hair or hail storms to dodge. I absolutely love the versatility of having these two options for my clients. What’s that mean for you? Great looking images no matter what. I’m just geeking out as a photographer. Your clients and associates aren’t going to know where you are. They’ll simply see, WHOA, stunning headshots!

Headshots Outdoors Denver


Hair & Makeup

For my female clients, the hair/makeup artist meets us at my studio and does your hair and makeup the hour before our session. This is an optional add on. Guys, you can choose this too, for styling your hair and eliminating shine or a red complexion, for example. Gals, if you don’t usually wear much makeup, or don’t know how to best apply it, this is a great addition for you. You’ll have a professional business look, not a glamour look. In addition, the artist will work with you to choose the best colors for your skin and enhance your hairstyle from how you normally wear it. We want people to recognize you in your photo.

Mariana before and after
Mariana poses before and after. Beautiful in both, but so polished on the right.

Hair and makeup by Melanie Goodrich.











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