Free Updated Headshots for Unemployed Community

Free updated headshots for unemployed in masks

On July 22, 2020, I participated in 10,000 Headshots, the biggest event of its kind, to provide free, updated headshots to help our unemployed friends and community members get back to work. I was one of six photographers in Colorado. Over 200 photographers across the US participated with the goal of photographing 10,000 people on one day and getting them their images immediately.

We also wanted to give everyone a confidence boost and something to smile about. I’d say we did that. If you look at my Instagram profile this coming month and swipe left, you’ll see funny faces and big laughs.

Plus, according to LinkedIn, people who include headshots receive 21 times more profile views and 9 times more connection requests. It’s an important part of any job search. A headshot session itself can be a confidence booster. You’re dressed up, you’re photo ready, you look good. The photographer talks you up, gets you to laugh, coaxes out some great expressions and Boom, a professional and approachable image of you to use on LinkedIn, your website and in your email signature.

The first shot of everyone that day was with their mask. They took it off for their session and back on it went. We kept it safe.

10000 Headshots Day

My heart runneth over for these people I photographed, all with their own stories on how the pandemic affected them, their lives and their jobs. We only had about 10 minutes together, so I’ve asked them to share their story with me if they’d like. I’m going to be posting some of those headshots with their stories on my Instagram and Facebook pages. They’ll say what type of job they’re looking for and hopefully, these will be shared throughout social media and someone reading will hire them. One woman already let me know she got a job!

I was told, “You don’t know how important this is for me today.”

“I’m so appreciative of what you’re doing for us.”

“This is the missing link in my job search.”

If you’d like to help spread the word to get these people employed, be sure to check my Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn profiles as I post them in August, and share away.

>>Wish you had known about this in advance? Stay tuned for a big announcement next week!<<

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