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Women : Beautiful

Women : Beautiful – Goddess Sessions

Natural light shoots lead to Goddess Sessions

Most people know me has a headshot photographer. However, I do like to expand my horizons with yoga portraits, high school seniors and now Goddess photography. I had the opportunity to photograph these three lovely, strong, beautiful women over the last few weeks, each unique in her own way. We all come in different sizes, shapes, ages, colors, makes and models – but we’re beautiful – both inside and out. It’s time to express that and bring out our highest self. No more body bashing. No matter how wonderful we are, most of us have a hangup or two about how we look:  our nose, our teeth our height or weight. Most of us think we need to make major improvements. How about for today, you feel complete, perfect, amazing. I’ll try it, too. When we put on some makeup, do our hair the way it looks best and dress in a flattering outfit, we feel good. Nothing major, just enough to lift our spirits and feel our confidence emerge. These are the Denver Goddess Sessions.

Meet Irene.

Denver Goddess Sessions - IreneWhat an amazing woman. I have too many great images from this session!! I had such a difficult time choosing the best ones for Irene, the blog, my newsletter. She could strike a new pose with the smallest gesture or change in expression. I’d start to direct her and before she got there, I’d say Stop! Because she’d reach this new, intimate, sweet, sexy and/or powerful look.


The sessions shown here were inspired by the simple fact that the lease is expiring at my studio, Cotton Mill Studio, at the end of March. (More on that in a future post.) So, knowing my time here was limited, I decided to make use of the last few weekends, not take myself so seriously, and play with the natural light, the windows, the wood floors, and the great textures. That’s how these sessions were born. From this, I decided to offer Goddess [Mini] Sessions on Saturday, March 26, the last weekend in this studio. I’m so excited!! These are currently for Women Only. If you’re reading this and you’re not a woman, please tell your female friends.

Meet Kristina.

Denver Goddess Sessions - KristinaI asked Kristina, a friend and fellow photographer, to model for me in areas of the studio I wanted to spend more time in. She brought her A game with great, fun dresses, jewelry and easily flowed into each pose with only a small bit of guidance from me.


Women:  You’re beautiful. Both inside and out. If you’ve ever considered bringing all that beauty to the surface, having your hair and makeup done, getting dressed up in an outfit that flatters your figure, being showered in compliments while modeling for a photo shoot, then come play in a Goddess Session. Think of it as photo therapy for you.

I’ll be offering full sessions in the future, but for now, come to the studio and celebrate your inner Goddess with a 50-minute mini photo session on Saturday, March 26. You’ll be pampered by my hair and makeup artist, we’ll help choose the best outfit for you, and then photograph you against a black backdrop using natural light. There are only FIVE, 50-minute sessions starting at 9am, 10am, 11am, 12pm and 1pm.

Bring in that outfit that makes you feel powerful, strong, beautiful, amazing – we all express our inner Goddess differently. This is photo therapy:  you delighting in you, seeing yourself as you feel yourself, while we provide a safe, fun environment, encouraging you to express your Goddess in your very own way. I have some elegant dresses – one over the top – in size 10 and 12, some beaded tanks and shawls you may like, too.

The session includes a 5×7 print as your gift and daily reminder of your strength and beauty. We’ll look at your images together in about 2 weeks from the session date. You’ll smile at the stunning photographs we created together and you’ll have a chance to order additional images.

While I’m building up this facet of my work and finding MY Goddess I invite you to take advantage of this incredible offer. You can book online or click here to contact me about scheduling your Goddess session.

Meet Saraphina.

Denver Goddess Sessions - SaraphinaThis gorgeous Goddess is a belly dancing fusion instructor, experienced yoga & meditation teacher, bhajan songs leader, clothing designer and friend. Look at those moves people! The pose in this bottom picture is called firefly, and she can hold it for minutes while the photographer gets the best angle. That is some upper body strength and flexibility at work.


I‘m looking forward to photographing many more gorgeous Goddesses of all shapes, sizes, ages, colors, makes and models. Let’s do it! Thank you for stopping by. Please email or call if you have any questions. If this is something you’re interested in, click the Book Now button and let’s make it happen!



  1. Great post to really capture the feeling of getting your hair and make up done and feeling so confident afterwards!

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