Behind-the-Scenes Photography at Xero

Behind the Scenes at Xero

Along with headshots at this recent session, I also did some behind-the-scenes photography at Xero. There are many new and super interesting businesses around Denver, Colorado. As such, I’m intrigued when I have a chance to see what people are creating, solving, selling, and designing in their industry. As a photojournalist, I feel the need to document! So, that’s just what I did at Xero.

Xero is a leading global cloud accounting tech company. They started in New Zealand to be a game changer for small business. Hence, they offer their software to small businesses, accountants and bookkeepers. Their Colorado office has been in the Denver Tech Center since 2013, and has been growing ever since. If you haven’t heard of Xero yet, you’re about to. Last month they moved their U.S. headquarters from San Francisco to Denver.

Xero currently has over 20 job openings nationally, including several here in Denver. They have about 100 local employees, and plan to double that.

Behind the scenes photography at Xero

Xero’s Background

Xero was founded in 2006, serving a few small businesses, and has grown to more than half a million subscribers globally. In addition to the U.S., they’re big in the New Zealand, Australian, and United Kingdom cloud-accounting markets. They employ more than 1400 people, in 20 offices, in over 180 countries. Xero provides accounting tools such as payroll, inventory and invoicing, all online on any device. Businesses can choose between three pricing packages, depending on the features they need.

Two years in a row, 2014 and 2015, Forbes ranked Xero #1 in Innovative Growth Companies. The company is also on the 2017 PC Magazine’s Best Small Business Accounting Software list. Because of Xero’s growth in the industry, it has stepped into competitor status of the well-known North American accounting software company, Quickbooks. That’s good news for consumers as the two continue to compete. Subscribers of each will likely see persistent improvements in features, updates, 3rd party software integration, price and customer service. Cloudwards ranked Xero as the Best Accounting Software for Small Business in 2018, and their second favorite pick when comparing their top eight accounting software companies.

Xero’s tagline: Beautiful Accounting Software. You must admit those aren’t three words we ever see together. As a creative, I was intrigued. Most of us work on a few key apps daily, and I certainly appreciate when the design is clean, simple and intuitive. And beautiful sure doesn’t hurt. So that you may judge for yourself, this page gives you a look at their interface, including a short how-to video for each tool.

Behind-the-Scenes photography
Xero employees react during a global all-hands meeting via Google Hangouts. From left, Brandon Cook, Shelbi Davis and Eileen Adao.

Working at Xero

Christie Noh, a senior producer at Xero’s San Francisco office, says the “collaborative and nimble teams” are what she enjoys best about working there. She adds, by being “refreshing and innovative”, Xero differentiates itself in the industry. To what does she attribute their incredible success? By “paying attention to what [our] clients want and need”.

“We are #human and have the most intuitive software in the industry,” says Nikki Maroney, a partner development representative in Denver, who loves the people and the culture at Xero.

Senior Account Manager Josh McNamara has been with Xero for five years, and is now in the Denver office. He and his team work with small businesses, accountants and bookkeepers. He says, “Everyone is passionate about the company, our purpose and making a difference. This is not just a job to most people at Xero.”

Sounds like it might be a pretty nice place to work. Plus they certainly have no shortage of branded swag (below).

If you’ve been looking for a new accounting solution, you may want to head over to Xero’s site and take advantage of their 30-day free trial.

Behind-The-Scenes Photography at Xero

Behind-the-Scenes Photography for Your Business

I photograph professional headshots, personal branding sessions and Vanity Fair styled portraits. If you and your company need behind-the-scenes photography for your website, press release, business collateral, and/or would like to be featured on my blog, please contact me for more information. I would be happy to capture remarkable images for you, too.

Sources used for this blog post: Xero’s website, The Denver Postbizjournals.commerchantmaverick, and Forbes.



  1. Great blog post! Informative but fun for a usually dry topic. Makes me want to know more about this company! Excellent photos as well!

  2. Who doesn’t like BTS photos, I know I really enjoy seeing what goes on behind the doors!

  3. Great job as always Katie. I like the mixture of the headshots and the storytelling with the behind the scenes work. A way to bring the reader into the company even more so.

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