Beauty Shots Event

Beauty Shots Event Shows Before and Afters

I photographed the attendees last night at D’Vine Wine [now called Wild Women Winery] during our Beauty Shots event.

People came together to network, socialize, sample wines and receive a makeover, hair style, finishing touches and beauty shots. I brought my portable studio and photographed before and after headshots to show what a difference attention to hair and makeup, the right lighting, angle, expression and background can make. The before images were shot with flash on camera, sometimes right against a distracting background. I photographed the after shots in my portable studio at the event using a solid background, a studio strobe with an umbrella as the main light and a second light on the background.

Those that I photographed walked away with a quality headshot to use on their website, email signature and social media sites.

beauty shots
Deanna gets a new look and a new headshot that can be used on her social networking sites.
beauty shots
Christina gets a new look and headshot to use on her business card and e-mail signature.
beauty shots
Liz gets before & after Beauty Shots and a professional headshot she can use on her website.
quality headshots
Alisha stunned me with her modeling skills. Now she has a professional, quality headshot to show off to all those model-hungry agencies!

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