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Behind the scenes at my Curtis Park studio.


Do you have a studio? I do have a studio located in the Curtis Park/RiNo neighborhood, less than 2 miles north of downtown Denver and one block west of Downing St. The address is: GreenEarth Photography, 3338 Arapahoe St, Denver, Colorado 80205. Look for the rust orange colored house. There is a small sign on the door. The studio is only up 3 stairs this time (the last one had 60!). If there are any concerns with the stairs though, please say the word and we’ll make alternative arrangements. I do plan to photograph outdoors in the neighborhood when it suits your brand and style. There’s a nice mixture of color and texture all around.

What’s your availability? Studio and location sessions are scheduled on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, with exceptions. My schedule is somewhat flexible and I can usually accommodate your availability. Family and High school senior portraits for my clients are normally done on the weekend.

What are your prices? Please click here for pricing information and then click on the link for the specific pricing you’re looking for. You can also click here for Studio Headshot & Portrait Pricing, or here for Location Headshot and Portrait Pricing. If you don’t see the session you’re looking for, please email or call me. Once you know the session you’d like, you may book online by hitting the Book Now button for Studio or Location Sessions.

Do you do any retouching? Yes. Basic retouching is included in all of my packages. I can remove blemishes, scars, minor wrinkles, darkness under the eyes, stray hairs, whiten teeth and brighten eyes. If you’d like expert retouching done to take off 10 more years for example, shed 20 pounds, remove aging from your neck, or anything not included above, I charge $95/hour, with an hour minimum. I can also add long, luxurious eyelashes in post production for $30/image!

Where are the headshot sessions done? Depending on what sort of headshots you are after and how many people there are, we can photograph in the studio, your office or outdoors. These photographs represent you and your image and it’s important to convey the right message through the proper portrait photography and backdrop for you.

Where are the senior portrait sessions done? Senior portrait sessions can be done almost anywhere. We can start in your local park where you may have grown up, we could then venture to my studio in Curtis Park; just outside my studio is the Curtis Park and RiNo neighborhoods filled with texture, murals, public art; at or around your high school; Union Station; downtown Denver; eclectic neighborhoods; graffiti walls; coffee shops. We’ll discuss your options, figure out what you’re most interested in and make it happen.

Do you use natural light or studio lights? Both. My studio has a north facing window, so the natural light is perfect! And at the same time, constantly changing. I use my studio strobes and/or natural light depending on the situation. Location headshots are most often done with studio strobes. For outdoor portraits I usually use natural light, sometimes studio lights and modifiers to create the best light wherever we are. Since most people are on the go, I like the flexibility I can give by coming to you and using and creating the best light there.

How long does a photo shoot last? My professional headshot & portrait sessions in the studio for one person last from 1 to 3 hours depending on the studio package you choose. That includes photographing and reviewing the images on site, then choosing the best one(s). The 3-hour session includes 1 hour for hair and makeup. For location headshot sessions, when there’s 1 person the session can go as long as one hour. When there are 11-14 people, the sessions are 10 minutes each. When there are more, the sessions can be as short as 5-10 minutes; that’s something we decide together. High school seniors can be up to 4 hours. Yoga portrait sessions can be 1-3 hours depending on how many shots we’re going for, location, poses and outfit changes. Family sessions, depending on the number of locations, people and dogs involved, the photo shoot will generally last 45 minutes to an hour.

What happens before the session? You’ll determine which session is the best for your needs. I can help you with this if you’d like. Then you may go to my Booking Page for either a Studio Session or a Location Session. Here you’re able to choose the package you’d  like, any add-ons, and the date and time that works for us both. This Booking Page saves us both so much time since we don’t need to go back and forth to figure out a free time slot available in both schedules, plus you may use this page at any time of day or night. Once you choose your session, date and a time, you’ll be asked to read and sign our contract and then pay the 50 percent retainer to reserve your session date and time. If there are any images in particular that you’d like me to capture, it’s best to discuss that beforehand either on the phone or via email.  If you’ve booked a studio or location Personal Branding Session, you will need to also book your Preconsultation Session and your Reveal Session. These two sessions are also found on the respective Booking Pages for Studio or Location. The Preconsultation Session is where we’ll meet in person, if possible, you’ll have a chance to see the studio and my products, and we’ll talk about how you’d like to be photographed, what clothing you plan to wear, where you’ll be using these images and if you’d like anyone else in your photographs. You’ll bring your wardrobe choices to this session along with all the necessary undergarments, accessories and shoes. We’ll determine if you’re interested in having any prints done of yourself and whomever else is included in the session, and if you’ll have time for any fun/fashion portraits after we photograph your business portraits. I’d prefer you come to the studio located two miles north of downtown Denver. My studio address is 3338 Arapahoe Street, Denver, CO 80205. If that’s just not feasible, we’ll schedule a Skype or Zoom video call.

You can be photographed alone or with anyone you choose (business partner, employees, your significant other, your family, your children). The hair and makeup artist will meet us at your location. Your hair and makeup will take about an hour. Our photo session will be about two hours. You’ll bring your predetermined five, or so outfits with all the necessary undergarments, accessories and shoes. These will be items that we’ve talked about and chosen together to give you the photo shoot that matches your brand and personality.

What happens during the session? The best images happen when everyone is relaxed and enjoying themselves. So, we’ll take a few minutes to do some test shots and put on your favorite Pandora station to help you relax before capturing amazing photos of you. I am a warm, friendly person and have an easy time getting along with just about everyone. Many people tell me they hate getting their pictures taken, kind of like they loathe going to the dentist. The difference is my clients tell me time after time how much they enjoyed the session and that it was actually much less painful than they were expecting. Not what the dentist usually hears! Click here to see Google reviews.

Can we schedule a makeup artist or hair stylist? Yes, this is an option for an additional fee (this is included in the Personal Branding Session) and can be arranged for any session when you’d like a polished look. We need to coordinate schedules and then the makeup artist will meet us at the studio or location of the photo session. Women will have their hair styled in a way they normally wear it and makeup will be applied to highlight your best features. Powder will be applied along with any extra finishing touches to get you photo ready. It’s best to come with your hair and face clean and your skin moisturized. If you’ve found makeup that looks great on you and works best for your skin type, bring that to the session for the makeup artist to use. The same goes for hair products.

What should I wear? Generally not white, unless covered by a suit coat, and no loud and crazy patterns, unless that’s part of your brand. Professional headshots & business portraits: If you do business in a suit or want to look top notch, I suggest men wear a suit and a tie and use the Windsor knot as this looks much better than the half. I suggest women wear a suit and add some color with a shell underneath, a scarf and/or jewelry, if you prefer. If you do business in a t-shirt and jeans, you may want to consider bumping it up a notch to convey a professional image for that first impression. All that will be seen is from the chest up, so I suggest making sure that from the waist up your clothing is pressed and lint free, the fabric color complements your skin tone, your hair is at its best and women, your makeup is impeccable. Please do not wear solid white unless covered by a jacket. It detracts from your skin tone and we’re trying to bring all the attention to your friendly face. Personal Branding Sessions:  High School Seniors: Bring at least five different outfits, the shoes and under clothing to match, all accessories and jewelry possibilities. If you participate in a sport or other activity and want to feature that, bring your uniform or glove or chessboard or guitar or whatever prop to get you there. If your mom is a big part of your life we’ll get photos with her. If you love your dog like a best friend, bring your dog. If your best friend is your partner in crime, bring him or her. Families: First decide if you’d like a formal portrait or a more casual look. Will everyone be in dress pants or hiking gear? Wear complementary colors with your family members, think solids, but subtle patterns in harmonizing colors will be just fine. I once had a family that wore all clashing colors and plaids! As a result I prefer to see your clothing choice before the day of the session. Stay away from solid white or black clothing as this takes the attention away from your faces. Ladies, if you insist on wearing white, please wear a skin tone-colored undergarment underneath. Children: One or two outfits are fine. If there is more than one child, think complementary colors. Pets: Decide whether or not to keep their collars on, if you’d like them photographed on their favorite piece of furniture, with props or without. If you will be in the photos, try to wear clothing in your pet’s general color family or a complementary color. If the dog is black, think solid, light colored earth tones, NOT white or black. Newborns: They’re photographed best without clothing. Cloth diapers are another option. If you just knitted a hat or booties or have any other sentimental item or prop you’d like to include, have that ready. Make sure to have several photo-ready diapers on hand. Also, if the parents will be in the photos, be sure you have a few changes of clothing on hand, too. Stuff happens. We’ll see your hands so make sure they are clean, moisturized and manicured. Maternity sessions: Short, midriff baring tops and a flowing skirt or low-rise jeans serve to showcase the belly. If you don’t want a bare belly, a translucent shirt works well. I have some tops and fabrics I can use as well. If the father is in the photos, too, a loose cotton shirt is nice and it’s best to keep it on – we’re focusing on mom today.

What happens after the photo session? Great things. Headshots: We view the images immediately afterwards on my laptop and choose your favorite image(s). When we shoot outdoors away from my studio, or a large amount of images, we’ll part ways, I’ll edit through all the images back at my studio and upload the best ones into a gallery within a week for you to view on your computer. Portraits: You’ll have already scheduled a Reveal and Ordering Session (Reveal Session) where you’ll come to my studio with all the decision makers, see your best images in print or digital (depending on your package) and choose all of your favorites. If your images are in print, you’ll take them home that same day. If you order additional prints, those will be paid for at the Reveal Session and you will receive the prints within three weeks. The corresponding high-resolution files will be emailed to you shortly thereafter. If you choose a digital package, we’ll review your images digitally during your Reveal Session, you’ll choose your favorites and these will be emailed to you in a link shortly thereafter. High school seniors: When we choose our session date, we’ll also choose a date two weeks after the session to meet. That’s our Reveal Session at my studio where we’ll view your images together on my flat screen television, and you’ll order all of your prints and wall art. 

When do I receive my digital images? Headshots: Within 3 days, or sooner if needed, you’ll receive your high resolution digital files, the low resolution digital images of these same files and the same images sized and watermarked for Facebook. Depending on the number of files, I’ll send these to you either as an attachment or in a link via email to download and save onto your computer. Location sessions: Within 5-7 days, or sooner if needed, you’ll receive your high resolution digital files, the low resolution digital images of these same files and the same images sized and watermarked for Facebook. I’ll send these to you in a link via email to download and save onto your computer. If you request and pay for an Online Proofing Gallery of your images, you’ll have two days to tell me which images are your favorites. Within one week of receiving your choices, depending on the number of files, I’ll send these to you either as an attachment or in a link via email to download and save onto your computer. You’ll receive the high & low resolution digital files.

What kinds of prints and products can I choose from? I work with a print house that delivers high-quality results. You can order my standard 7×10 matted prints. when you order 6 or more matted prints, you will receive a beautiful folio box to store them in when they’re not on display. I also sell wall prints with framing options. If there’s anything particular you’d like, it’s very possible I can do it. To see the options along with their prices, please see my Portrait, Print & Product Pricing page.

How can I use these images? You will be able to use your images on your website, in press releases, on your blog, Facebook page, newsletter, annual report, business card, in your email signature, on social-networking sites, in submission to contests, speaking engagements, job proposals and with resumes. You may not give these images away to a third party, except to family members and friends. You may not sell these images or take credit for them under any circumstances. If you’re posting on Facebook you must use the Facebook named image files, keeping the watermark intact to protect us both from libel. Attribution to GreenEarth Photography wherever possible is appreciated.

What kinds of payment do you accept? You may pay with cash, Venmo, check or most any credit card.

Do you take holiday card photos? Yes, it’s best to schedule that sooner than later, as you’ll need time to order your cards, wait to receive them, write, address and send out. I can schedule portrait sessions anytime of year for your holiday cards. The middle to end of October, depending on the year, is best for fall colors in the Denver area. I don’t recommend the typical image showing a Christmas tree, menorah or holiday detail that dates it immediately. I recommend taking a photo of you and your significant other, or your family either indoors or out in a timeless setting so you may enjoy these images for the years to come.

Do you photograph family portraits? Children? Events? Yes, please contact me for pricing and to discuss details.

Do you photography weddings? No. However, I will work as a second shooter at a wedding on occasion.

How long has GreenEarth Photography been around? I launched the company in 2005.

Where are you based? Denver, Colorado

Where did the name come from? I’m an avid supporter of conservation, protecting natural habitat, composting, recycling, reusing, repurposing, recharging, shopping locally and organically, and supporting other local businesses. I reflect that in all aspects of my life including my business. I like to do whatever I can to protect and nourish this GreenEarth.

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