About My Studio

My studio is located in the the Curtis Park neighborhood, just north of downtown. Outside Arapahoe Photo StudioThe address is GreenEarth Photography, 3338 Arapahoe St, Denver, Colorado 80205. There is no sign, look for the rust orange colored house. Just three stairs to climb now (my last studio had 60 stairs, so not as much of a workout here). However, if there is any concern with the stairs, we can make alternative arrangements.

The new studio has beautiful light, a northwest facing window, white painted brick walls and wooden floors. We’ll photograph you using either our existing backgrounds, a solid backdrop or go outside down the street for some interesting texture, whichever is right for your industry and brand.  I have different colors of backdrops if you have a specific need:  black, white, gray, blue, blue-gray, green-gray.  Just let me know.

There’s free street parking right outside. Though at times you may need to park on 34th Street and walk back to my studio. There’s a business on the corner that houses more than 60 tenants and they often park out front.


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